Mooncake Festival Dinner

I have not posted for a while because recently I have so many things to do here, there and everywhere. I feel like all of my days are always filled with stuffs to do—- and I enjoy it! Recently my high school friends and I had a Mooncake festival gathering/dinner on the 29th of September. It was a memorable fun Friday night and the decorations were beyond my expectation. Of course a memorable night would have to be 'eternalized' through photos and we certainly (always) enjoyed taking pictures :p

It was such a fun night and although it was held in my home we had a BLAST, especially during post-dinner which I shall not reveal in here ;) 

Lombok Island part III

I woke up one morning feeling the urge to jog since Villa L was located on top of a hill and there’s gotta be some amazing views to be seen. It was similar to Mulholland Drive, so you can call it the Mulholland Drive of Lombok (LOL). 

So I started my morning feeling super refreshed. The air you breathe in Lombok makes you feel mornings are just wonderful. Of course it was also because it was holiday-time. After being served breakfast in the villa we decided to go out for a drive around Senggigi and to play in the beach. I wore a brown sleeveless top with a ‘kain sarong’ that I bought from the 20th Enjoy Jakarta World Junior Golf championship. I was emceeing for that event since my Aunt requested for my help. Anyways the kain sarong was specially designed to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Jakarta, thus its patterns has ‘ondel-ondel’ (traditional Betawi/Old Jakarta celebration costume) on it. I purposely chose a stand-out bright color to break that image of ‘boring’ and dull kain sarongs. Then I grabbed my Prada sunglasses and Marc Jacobs bag and left the Villa for the beach. 

I know I look super colorful and I would never wear something like this in Jakarta, and that was exactly why I wore it. Lombok inspired me to dress casual and to explore the possible modernization of batik or other handmade cloth created by the local people of Indonesia. I think it’s a seriously important issue to cultivate the creativity and produce of the local artists.

We went back to the villa for a swim at the pool instead of the beach, since it was fully packed with people. When sunset came all of us took photos on top of the balcony. So the people in the pictures are my family and my father’s friend’s family. 

On the next day we went to Sekotong, another place different from Senggigi. Sekotong is known as the Carribean island of Lombok because on top of the sea small islands called ‘gili’ floats. We went around the gili-gilis with a boat and then we decided to stop at Gili Nangu for snorkelling. It was really beautiful and ‘untouched’.   

Overall I really enjoyed this trip to Lombok. It was a refreshing trip and it certainly made me lose some weight because all I do is swim all day and everyday there (LOL). Well till next again Lombok! <3

Lombok Island part II - Villa L, Senggigi

We moved from Kuta to Senggigi and we stayed at the beautiful, charming and Bauhaus-inspired Villa L owned by the President Director of Christian Dior Indonesia. For more information you can visit their website:

Lombok Island part I - Novotel, Kuta

I was never much of a fan of beaches due to my fear of getting tanner. I used to be really tan when I was small because I played a lot of sports such as soccer and running. And my mother a.k.a the Snow “White” of the family used to complain about my tan skin. Those days are over now… ever since I went to study at Sydney, I’ve gotten a lot whiter and surprisingly…really white. But my fear was about to change when my family and I embarked on our Lombok trip for the Idul Fitri celebration/holiday. 

Lombok island is located at west of the Indonesian archipelago. It is still very “Raw” compared to Bali. The place did not have skyscrapers, highways, tall office buildings and all those other modern accessories of a city. From left to right you can still see green forests and monkeys freely swinging from one branch to another. Vast blue seas that still sparkles vividly under the sunlight and clear blue skies. So you can imagine my trip to be stamped as a "Back to Nature" kind of trip here…

On our first day we stayed in Novotel, Kuta Lombok where we slept in the villa suite. Novotel was still by far the best accommodation in Kuta, Lombok. Moreover behind the resort it directly opens to a beautiful beach with sands shaped like peppercorns and a small hill. When you are walking on the sand you can feel the ticklish sensation. 

This time round I dared myself to go out into the open sea and swim, because I was tired of certain people stamping me as a girly spoiled girl (LOL). I am THAT superficial. I actually think tanner skin will show a much more macho/tomboy side of me. I even bought a bikini, the Houndstooth-patterned lalaby high-waist bikini from this online shop in Instagram called @beachy_bikini.

It was such a good sunny day and Lombok’s fresh air soothed us all. We also bought some “Kain Samping” with traditional Lombok prints and modern colorful prints from the local sellers. You could create a dress using the Kain and it is so creative, simple and classy! Once I knew this was possible I told myself “I shall never have to pack so much on a tropical getaway ever again!”

My little sister is growing up so fast, she is almost as tall as me now. Both of our Kain was bought from the local sellers. The sea breeze and fresh air really soothed us all that day. 

It was a really chill Sunday morning when my family decided to have an after-church lunch at Satoo, Shangrila hotel. I was really excited about the Idul Fitri/Lebaran break since I was going to Lombok (West Indonesia) with my family. I had went to Lombok twice before this, but this time all of us four siblings were going and I knew this was going to be a spectacular holiday. Thus being so hyped about it I opted to wear a long Batik skirt that I got during the Jakarta Batik annual convention. Batik is definitely the center of my Indo-pride. This black and white flower-patterned batik skirt is usually worn under ‘Kebaya’ (traditional clothing), instead I matched it with a grey crop-top from Topshop. I think it was a casual look that really matched the modern with traditional clothing well. 

Chicory European Patisserie

One of my best friends mentioned how her mother was disappointed since Sour Sally frozen yogurt had closed in Plaza Indonesia mall (located in Jakarta Pusat / Sudirman), apparently it was one of the chill places her mother likes to go to. Consequently her mother had to find and has already found a new place to chill and have afternoon tea - Chicory. I have heard the ravings about its pastry being awesomely divine and the limited amount of food it serves per day since the pastry was rolled by the owner itself and the dishes were made fresh in the morning at 4 AM. 

My love for pastry and bread carried on its conquest to the small cafe. On my way I called the patisserie to reserve me their almond croissant because I was scared that they would run out of it. I had to taste their almond croissant and compare it to Eric Kayser’s (located at Plaza Senayan mall) by all means. Almond croissants had always been my thing. Almonds + bread = FLAWLESS. Two of my most favorite food. The lady who picked up my  phone call was nice and she reserved it for me. When I got there I saw how small and quite unattractive the cafe looked from the outside. Then when I got in… the interior was simply homey! It was a mint-green and white painted walls French inspired-home with vintage kitchen tiles. 


I enjoyed my Chamomile tea and the almond croissant was presented to me warm and flaky - perfect. The presentation was similar to the normal almond croissants that I had, but the rumors about how good the pastry was—- was real. The flakiness of the top layer and the smooth and not-so buttery layers were really spot on. The almond fillings suited me very well as it is not too much or too little. Chicory makes Eric Kayser’s almond croissant a soggy flop.


My friend had the Coffee Eclair and as the knife cuts through a piece of it… the coffee filling came out oozing delicately . The coffee filling was delicious and just right - sticky enough. Overall I think what people say about Chicory is 90% true. However, I was quite let down that they did not have much delicacy choices when I came… probably because it was already  near to the Idul Fitri holidays and everyone is already in holiday-mode. I will definitely come back to taste more of its pastry-goodness. 

Chicory European Patisserie
Jln. Sumenep no. 9, Menteng
Jakarta Pusat
Phone No.: 021-31925799

Opening Hours:
Monday - Saturday : 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
Closed on Sundays

"The Invisible nose, the Visible smile"

I woke up one morning feeling like a ray of sunshine had struck on me and I was motivated to pick up my old paint brushes, oil paint and canvas. This painting is called ‘The Invisible nose, the Visible smile’ for a very apparent reason. As you can see I’m not very good with drawing faces or people to be exact, I tried my best to make the nose as visible as possible but it seems  like 50% effort was painted instead. The smile though was vividly clear. 

This painting was inspired from the happiness women feel when men gives them flowers. I painted sunflowers to represent the rays of joy, tulips because it is my favorite flower, a white lily to represent sincerity or purity and a small pink peony. I was wearing a H&M viscose black&white checkered blouse with white laces tank top in that picture of me holding up the small painting. I was also using my Rebecca Minkoff gold studded bracelet. It was a relaxing day to go out and have brunch (next post!)»>


Fooshion is back! I keep on making excuses about not being able to make enough time to write but suddenly these days I’ve been feeling the need to scratch that itch to write. 

From now onwards the posts will be more than just food but as promised originally: fashion and some of my daily activities. I hope the new Fooshion 2.0 is going to be a delight to all Fooshion followers <3

Margan Restaurant, Hunter Valley.

Prosciutto wrapped figs, bread&olives&cheese sticks with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, gnocchi, barramundi with ravioli, fish belly, the swordfish, david blackmore wagyu rump cap and pork cheeks with king prawn.