Bassim Strathfield

Bassim is one out of loads of other Korean restaurants in Strathfield. It stands out because of the unique futuristic-looking interior. The placement of the exhaust pipes looked like cave rocks falling out from the ceiling.

Sundubu jigae

We ordered the Sundubu Jigae to find its taste very warming compared to the cold weather outside.

So Galbi

Marinated So Galbi

The So Galbi was tender and if you mix it with the sauces given it would probably enhance the taste better. The Marinated So Galbi was flavorsome, but it was quite similar to normal marinated beef. It had that sweetness and juicy feel.

Ox tongue

Chili chicken

Koh-Ya at Neutral Bay is probably still at the top of my list for ox tongue. The ox tongue in Bassim was not as succulent as the one in Koh-Ya.  Their chili chicken is rated normal, nothing special really.

Overall, it was just quite a normal visit to a Korean BBQ place. I still preferred the Korean BBQ restaurant I usually visit called Se Joung in Campsie. 

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