Bread & Circus

Alexandria is starting to become a new nest for cafes, and Bread & Circus is just one of the cafes that have grabbed my attention for so long already. There is only one word to describe B&C - healthy. It is located right next to legendary Campos Coffee in a rustic warehouse that opens up to the outdoors for the sunlight to scorch in. 

The place itself was uniquely decorated with gardening supplies and flowers and plants. 

Poppyseed and orange cake 

Parmesan not-so-scrambled biodynamic eggs under shaved parmesan with truffle oil &  sourdough ($18)

Sandwich box with grass fed sustainable medium-rare beef with horseradish yogurt ($16)

Morning jumble with bircher and biodynamic yogurt and fruits full plate ($16)  

Essence bread with cocoa chocolate ($7)

I would definitely come back for Bread & Circus, their dishes are mostly ‘grainy’ and just refreshingly healthy but not everyone enjoys these kinds of dishes. Hence, if you’re not a big fan of muesli or nutty galores, do avoid the morning jumble and stick to the not-so-scrambled eggs instead as they are just divinely delicious. However, the sandwich box has nothing special in its taste and is the least favorite dish I tried that day. 

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